For billing of any OPD service like pathology tests, or any imaging investigation, the patient moves to OPD billing counter. Here, the services are charged as per the rates already defined for various categories / penal / time to the patient with his Patient ID. The Payment is collected for the service provided and a receipt is generated.

This module works as an interface with the diagnostic modules. All services will be automatically entered into the respective modules wherever required like lab & Imaging reporting.

The Salient features of this module are:

  • Record charges to be taken from the patient
  • Record details of the concession & concession authority
  • Consultant charges are automatically picked according to general or emergency charges
  • The charges for the services are automatically picked according to the category or panel of the patient
  • The charges are also dependent on time when the service is being given to patient
  • When patient revisits, his information will be automatically picked using his identification number
  • Patient can be defined under Cash & Credit OPD
  • All relevant information is transferred to the Investigation departments

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