This module will keep track of various samples, test result analysis and reports. It also maintains patient pathology records.Pathology lab is especially incorporated to centralize entire database and modules of hospital, clinics, & medical laboratories in a single unified interface. Information related to pre-booking, online reciept of request, billing of tests, reports delievery, & many more can be easily accessed and maintained through this system. Advantage of using pathology lab is that billing of all type, report generation and printing is possible within few seconds having no chances of flaws and errors. Apart from this it helps in all medical institutions monitoring their revenues for better administrative perspectives. Suitable for all sized diagnostic centre, pathology labs and  hospitals, the softwares got high admiration from trusted doctors and experienced lab technicians due to its easy avalibility & affordability.Pathology Lab Software handles operations of pathology lab or diagnostic centre. It covers activities like pathology lab registration, test report generation, etc.



  • Online Receipt of request management for investigations
  • Powerful search simply applied by entering unique record ID, Patient ID, Patient name with specified dates
  • Information gathering about date of visit, referred doctor name etc.
  • Information gathering about appointment date & referred doctor’s availbility
  • Auto generation of sample numbers for subsequent samples
  • Sample prioritization functionality
  • Extensive customer record keeping
  • Enhanced inventory management
  • Generates ptient summary & reports
  • Excellent invoice & billing facilities
  • A complete customizable solution
  • Designed with various in-built formats of reports and bill gneration
  • Patient record keepung management
  • Maintened collection centere of medical institutions
  • Provide report e-mailing facility if patient is not present or unable to collect reports
  • Organized & easy back up facility
  • Unlimited users can access at a time
  • Reliable and easy to use softwares

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